Apple features MDacne – Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis App – on its CareKit blog

New York, NY – September 6th, 2016: Apple® Inc., Cupertino (NASDAQ:AAPL), is featuring on its CareKit® website a post on the MDacne® App entitled “MDacne uses CareKit to help people struggling with Acne”.

MDAlgorithms the company behind MDacne is the third company featured by Apple on its Carekit website.

Built for iOS, the App analyses the user’s skin, provides a personal Acne control plan, educates on proper prevention/treatment and monitors improvement.

“Over 50 million people struggle with acne in the United States alone, the majority of which, never seek out professional help or try to research their condition online,” said board certified New York dermatologist, Dr. Judith Hellman. “Visiting a dermatologist can be expensive and time-consuming, especially for teenagers. It can also be difficult to find customized and practical acne treatment information online.”

After realizing that there was a market for their idea, the MDacne developers designed an acne management app that was both simple and effective. Upon opening the app, the user is asked to input a few details about their acne and then take a photo of their face.

Through digital image analysis, the MDacne app analyzes the user’s acne type and severity in order to develop a personalized acne treatment plan. It also offers step-by-step dermatologist video tutorials on topics such as how to properly wash faces, what foods to eat in order to prevent acne and how to properly apply cream. The app use “selfies” and image analysis to monitor each person’s progress and send daily acne tips. In it latest release it allows users to post any question about Acne and get a board certified Dermatologist response in less than 72 hours.

The Implementation of Apple’s CareKit® framework allowed MDacne to provide a PDF report summarizing treatment status and improvement that can be shared easily with their Dermatologist and friends/family members.

Since being released, the MDacne app has made an unprecedented name for itself in the digital health industry. It has been well-received by the public and consistently climbing the most-downloaded and bestselling Mobile Health App Store charts. Within the first six weeks of being available for download, the app became the top downloaded acne app on the App Store in the United States.

“I’ve had acne and pimples for most of my life.” explained a recent reviewer from the App Store. “Using MDacne has shown me new ways to track and treat my skin. It provides great skincare techniques and suggests products that are affordable and easily accessible. By following my personal acne treatment plan for only a few days, I have much more clear skin.”

Oded Harth, founder and CEO of Israel-based MDalgorithms, noted in a recent Dermatology Times interview that MDacne does not intend to replace dermatologists.

“We would like MDacne to be the stepping stone and expert assistant for the 50 million people in the U.S. struggling with acne at any given moment,” Mr. Harth says. “The app starts by teaching the users about acne, emphasizing preventive methods (right cosmetics, right diet …), treatment methods (how to cleanse the face, how much benzoyl peroxide to apply) and which OTC products are the best. When acne is moderate or severe, the users are referred to Dermatologists. “

The team is in discussions for collaboration with several multinational companies that are looking at the integration of MDAlgorithms technology as part of their future Mobile health strategy. with

The MDacne® app is currently available on the App Store worldwide. It is free to download for anyone wanting to analyze their acne severity and receive a customized management plan. MDacne also offers optional paid subscription plans, which provide more features such as the video tutorials and daily treatment tips.

Authored by: USNewswires