Healthtech PR – Advice from Media Insider

By Jon Davis

Healthtech PR is quickly becoming a requirement for all companies trying to stand out from the competition. A recent analysis in Forbes projected healthtech PR to be the most profitable industry in 2016, so the industry potentially has deep pockets for marketing.

In the process of researching healthcare and healthtech PR ideas, we came across the New York-based public relations firm, Macias PR, which was named the 2015 “PR Consultant Firm of the Year – USA” and 2016 “Financial PR Firm of the Year – USA” by Finance Monthly.

Their company blog provided great insight for healthtech and healthcare companies researching top healthcare public relations firms. The owner of Macias PR, Mark Macias, has a background in healthcare journalism. During his time as Executive Producer at NBC, Macias oversaw the medical, health and consumer units. As a Senior Producer with CBS in New York and NBC in Miami, he also produced healthcare and medical stories.

Macias had some great insight into media strategy and messaging. Here are some bullet points that we took from his blog.

Healthcare PR – How to Pitch Medical Reporters

Pitching medical reporters is different than pitching consumer reporters: In this blog, Macias explains why medical reporters require more depth and substance to the pitch. Macias explained these reporters are typically the most educated of all journalists and with their background in science or medicine, most of these reporters are also more critical. His blog outlines a few tips on how companies can have more success pitching these reporters.

Healthcare PR – Your 60 Day Game Plan

In this blog, Macias outlines five points that every healthtech company should assess before launching any branding or PR campaign. They include: data, product availability, expertise, research and potential clients for the narrative.

Healthcare PR as a Lead Generator

In this blog, Macias explains how PR can be used a lead generator for healthtech and healthcare clients. He explains some of the biggest misconceptions he hears with B2B healthtech companies.

Good luck in researching your healthcare or healthtech PR firms. It will be a fun year.


Authored by: USNewswires